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Nike 2014-2015 referee kit

New for football match officials: the Nike 2014-2015 referee kit. You can find them already in the Nike brochure for the 2014-2015 season. The kits have different colours compared to the previous Nike referee kits.

Black, yellow and grey will remain the same, but purple is no longer available in the new collection. The extra colour for the 2015 outfits is green.

According to the Nike team catalogue, the outfits are available from the 1st of July 2013 until 19th of June 2016. So no new kit every season, but after two years. Are they aiming to be sponsoring the European Championships in 2016? That will start in June 2016.

The new outfits will be used in the UK Premiership and probably also in the highest Dutch and French division, because Nike sponsors the referees there as well.

Do you like the new Nike outfits?

Nike 2014-2015 referee kit.
Nike 2014-2015 referee kit.
Nike 2014-2015 referee kit.
Nike 2014-2015 referee kit.

You can see a photo of the black outfit here.


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