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New international referee list: Blom and Rocchi Elite

Uefa has released the new international referee list to the Dutch Referee blog. Kevin Blom (NED) and Gianluca Rocchi (ITA) are new on the Elite list of European referees.

They replace Manuel Enrique Mejuto Gonzalez, who reached the age limit, and Tom Henning Øvrebø, who quits international refereeing after he was not picked for the World Cup in South Africa. He was non-eligible for Euro 2012 due to Uefa’s age limit of 45.

Update Uefa: “Fifa will replace Rosetti in January for another Italian referee. Uefa has no country quota’s, so everyone could replace him.” On Thursday 8th of July Roberto Rosetti announced that he stops refereeing in favour of an administrative role in the Serie B (2nd level in Italy) with the Association of Italian Referees. He was still age-eligible for Euro 2012 and on Uefa’s Elite list.

Elite list
Terje Hauge (05/10/1965) Norwegian Football Association
Alain Hamer (10/12/1965) Luxembourg Football Federation
Claus Bo Larsen (28/10/1965) Danish Football Association
Florian Meyer (21/11/1968) German Football Association
Laurent Duhamel (10/10/1968) French Football Federation
Frank De Bleeckere (01/07/1966) Royal Belgian Football Association
Massimo Busacca (06/02/1969) Swiss Football Association
Gianluca Rocchi (25/08/1973) Italian Football Federation
Wolfgang Stark (20/11/1969) German Football Association
Olegaria Manuel Bartolo Faustino Benquerença (18/10/1969) Portuguese Football Federation
Martin Hansson (06/04/1971) Swedish Football Association
Viktor Kassai (10/09/1975) Hungarian Football Federation
Alberto Undiano Mallenco (08/10/1973) Spanish Football Federation
Damir Skomina Damir (05/08/1976) Football Association of Slovenia
Jonas Eriksson (28/03/1974) Swedish Football Association
Felix Brych Felix (03/08/1975) German Football Association
Stéphane Laurent Lannoy (18/09/1969) French Football Federation
Craig Alexander Thomson (20/06/1972) The Scottish Football Association
Pieter Pieter (13/03/1967) Royal Netherlands Football Association
Pedro Proença Oliveira Alves Garcia (03/11/1970) Portuguese Football Federation
Nicola Rizzoli (05/10/1971) Italian Football Federation
Howard Melton Webb (14/07/1971) The Football Association
Bernie Raymond (Kevin) Blom (21/02/1974) Royal Netherlands Football Association
Bjorn Kuipers (28/03/1973) Royal Netherlands Football Association
Martin Atkinson (31/03/1971) The Football Association

Eric Braamhaar (13/10/1966) Royal Dutch Football Association
Michael Dean (02/07/1968) The Football Association
Kristinn Jakobsson (11/06/1969) Football Association of Iceland
Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez (20/02/1967) Spanish Football Federation
Darko Ceferin (11/07/1968) Football Association of Slovenia
Pavel Kralovec (16/08/1977) Football Association of the Czech Republic
Alon Yefet (01/09/1972) The Israel Football Association
Alexandru Dan Tudor (13/09/1971) Romanian Football Federation

New in this group are Kralovec, Yefet and Tudor. They promoted from the Premier Development list.

are: Lucilio Cardoso Cortez Batista (POR; age), Matteo Simone Trefoloni (ITA; stopped his international career), Kircher (GER; relegated to cat. 2), Anton Genov (relegated to cat. 2).

The latter has not officiated in 2010 for Uefa yet, because there were ‘obvious irregular betting patterns’ during his matches. Genov was not punished and now his status has been put on ‘active’ it seems he can officiate international matches in his last year as football referee. Genov is age-eligible untill the end of 2011. Read more about the disciplinary actions take by Uefa to other referees in an interview with Uefa’s general secretary Gianni Infantino.

Premier Development
Thomas Einwaller (25-04-1977) Austrian Football Association
Serge Gumienny (14-04-1972) Royal Belgian Football Association
Ivan Bebek (30-05-1977) Croatian Football Federation
Carlos Velasco Carballo (16-03-1971) Spanish Football Federation
Tony Chapron (23-04-1972) French Football Federation
Manuel Gräfe (21-09-1973) German Football Federation
Alan Kelly (09-04-1975) The Football Association of Ireland
Svein Oddvar Moen (22-01-1979) Norwegian Football Association
Bruno Miguel Duarte Paixao (18-05-1974) Portugese Football Federation
Pavel Cristian Balaj (17-08-1971) Romanian Football Federation
Alexei Nikolaev (01-08-1971) Football Union of Russia
William Collum (18-01-1979) The Scottinh Football Association
Stefan Johannesson (22-11-1971) Swedish Football Association
Cüneyt Cakir (23-11-1976) Turkish Football Association

Promoted to this group: Manuel Gräfe.
Out of this group: Claudio Circhetta (SWI, relegated to cat. 2), Kralovec, Yefet and Tudor (all promoted to PD) and Blom and Rocchi (promoted to Elite).

Category 2
Not many changes in this group.
New are: Kircher, Genov and Circhetta (relegated from higher groups) and Georgis Daloukas (11.07.1978) from Greece and Marijo Strahonja (21.08.1975) from Croatia (both promoted from cat. 3).
Out of cat. 2: Oleg Oriekhov from Ukraine (due to match-fixing and corruption) and Seçuk Dereli from Turkey (stopped his international career).


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