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My road to become a referee teacher

My road to become a referee teacher has started today. Yes, I am already teaching and helping new referees via my referee website. But now I am also selected to become referee teacher at KNVB.  This is something I really want to do. My goal is not just to improve as a referee, but also as a teacher. The knowledge I gain will also help me give you better tips on my website.

Jan's start as referee teacher

Writing for a referee blog like this is a great way to help others. I really want to improve referees with my stories. When you send me feedback or a thumbs I am probably on the right way. I want you to improve as a referee. That’s what I go for.

How I got selected as referee teacher

I wrote my application before my Africa trip, where I got a phone call when I was lying at the swimming pool in Botswana. It is the invitation for a “job” interview, which was held last week at the KNVB headquarters. I love to talk about refereeing and to share my knowledge. I am look back positively on the meeting and today I got a positive message from the KNVB as well. They appreciate my vision on refereeing and what I can bring into courses.

Working on teaching skills

The course weekend to become a referee teacher starts on Friday September 1st. A good start to work on my didactical skills and nice to meet the other candidates who will become a teacher as well. From then on I will do some sort of internship when a current teacher gives a referee course, plus some midweek training days. In the second half of the 2017-2018 season I am allowed to give my own course.

I can’t wait to become a better referee teacher. In the meantime I will keep writing stories with useful tips and interesting stories. For you, to make you a better referee.

So, if you have a specific question for me, feel free to ask it on

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    Hope your success as referee teacher.we will be grateful to you if you give all current teaching materials in your blog as such file which will be easy available as down load.with regards

  • ISHAYA usman

    Congratulation, and how was the African experience ? Hope one day you W illl visit Nigeria as well and I will be the first person to meet you. Have a blessfull season ahead.

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Thanks Ishaya. The African experience was great. Met nice people, have seen great things. So far no plans, but I’ll keep it in mind!

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