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‘My first big tournament is will be fantastic’

The u17 Women’s European Championships, quite a unique tournament starting with the semi-finals. All matches will be played in the Colovray stadium across Uefa’s headquarters.

Swiss referee Simona Ghisletta, one of the five referees who got promoted by Uefa last week, is looking forward to this tournament. “Next week I’m appointed for the Euro final tournament WU17 in Nyon. It’s the first big tournament and it’s in my country, it will be fantastic”, says the 35-year-old referee from Switzerland.

But this is just a start for her, Ghisletta told Dutch Referee Blog. “For the future I hope to do even better and an olympic game or the world championship are really a dream.”

On the 28th of July she will officiate Iceland vs. Spain or France vs. Germany. Three days later is the 3rd place match, followed by the final. “For this tournament I didn’t do anything special, I officiate some friendly games and I will prepare myself physically.”

For everyone who’s close to the stadium that weekend: you don’t have to pay any admission.

Tomorrow you can read the full interview with Ghisletta on the Dutch Referee Blog.

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