Measuring how many km’s I run during a match

I just bought this armband for my smartphone. Reason: I want to get an idea of how much I run while practising and maybe even when officiating a match.

Hopefully you can help me. Does anyone of you have experience with running apps? I’ve used Runtastic (free version) once, but would like to try other alternatives. Which app has been useful to you?

Does someone know if there are running stats of professional referees? I’ve found many of Champions League and Europa League players, but not of the officials. Would be nice to have a look at that stats too.

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  1. First of all, congratulations on your wedding!

    As far as I remember, Fandel once gave an interview to the DFB referee newspaper, where he stated that referees ran 12-13 kms per match. But I do not have specific statistics.

  2. Thanks!
    I found an article in Die Welt back from Euro 2008. It’s about Fandel’s good performance and the author mentions also that referees run 12 km’s per match, including 120 sprints from 20 till 50 meters.


    I found this article to be useful as a reference about how much a referee runs in a match. it says in a good match, it is about 15-16 kms.

    For the running app, I would recommend “Pedometer Pro”. I have been using it with my iPhone and it runs well. It has multiple functionality and can keep track of how much you run.
    Here is the link for iphone, check it out.

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