Match-simulation session for referees

A match-simulation session for referees is way to replicate the physical demands referees need for a game. Werner Helsen was so kind to share an example of a session, which he created for Uefa referees at Euro 2020.

Read the full interview with Werner Helsen, Sports Scientist & Training Expert at UEFA and professor and researcher in Performance Science at KU Leuven.

Pitch-based exercises for match officials

Referees do a pitch-based training, which consists of 4 exercises per set. Referees perform 3 sets, with 2 minutes rest in between. A set:

  • 1st exercise: 3x 10m, 2x 20m and 3x 30m sprints with 30 seconds rest
  • 2nd exercise: Jog 1 lap of the pitch
  • 3rd exercise: Perform 5 laps of the pitch exercise below
  • 4th exercise: Jog 1 lap of the pitch

In exercise 3 you run, in a way, an 8-figure on the field of play.  Below the image you can read the text description.

match-simulation session for referees

Match-simulation session by Uefa / Werner Helsen

Text explanation of match-simulation session for referees

  • Start at the corner flag and jog to the half-way line. 
  • Go in high-speed over the halfway line to the other side of the field of play
  • Jog to the corner flag. 
  • Move at high speed over the goal-line to the other side
  • Jog to the halfway line
  • High-speed at halfway line to other side
  • Jog to the corner flag
  • Use goal-line to come back to starting position

More sessions like this?

Watch Anthony Taylor’s match-simulation session on my blog.

Referee specific training for referees

It’s crucial for referees to do referee-specific training, because that helps you prepare in the best way possible. Check out the tip by Werner Helsen.

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