Match officials Women’s World Cup 2023

Match officials Women’s World Cup 2023 are announced. The tournament will be held in Australia and New Zealand. A total of 33 referees, 55 assistant referees and 19 video match officials (VMOs) will be present.

Pierluigi Collina says about the selection: “As always, the criteria we have used is ‘quality first’ and the selected on-field match officials represent the highest level of refereeing worldwide”.


Below you’ll find all referees. ARs and VARs will be added later. Download a pdf with all match officials

  • Edina Alves
  • Vincentia Amedome
  • Marianela Araya
  • Marie-Soleil Beaudoin
  • Melissa Borjas
  • Emikar Calderas
  • Maria Belen Carvajal
  • Iuliana Demetrescu
  • Anahi Fernandez
  • Maria Ferrieri
  • Laura Fortunato
  • Cheryl Foster
  • Stéphanie Frappart
  • Katia Garcia
  • Marta Huerta de Aza
  • KateJacewicz
  • Bouchra Karboubi
  • Anna-Marie Keighley
  • Yujong Kim
  • Ekatarina Koreleva
  • Lina Lehtovaara
  • Akhona Maklima
  • Myriam Marcotte
  • Ivana Martincinc
  • Kateyna Monzul
  • Slima Mukansanga
  • Hyeonjeong Oh
  • Tess Olofsson
  • Tori Penso
  • Casey Reibelt
  • Esther Staubli
  • Rebecca Welch
  • Yoshimi Yamashita
FIFA Women’s World Cup match ball. Courtesy of FIFA 2023.

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