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Match fixing scandal: price for a referee is £20,000

Football match fixing scandal in Europe: investigation proves that the price for a referee to let him manipulate a football match is £20,000′, says a fixer to The Telegraph.

This claim is also examined by the National Crime Agency. The UK governamental organisation says in a statement that “seven men have been arrested across the country as part of an NCA investigation into alleged football match fixing”. First two appear in court on 13th of December. The NCA does not give specific details, because it’s an ongoing investigation. “The focus of the operation is a suspected international illegal betting syndicate. The NCA is working closely with the Gambling Commission and the Football Association.”

David Davies, former executive directer of The Football Association, is ‘shocked’, but ‘not totally surprised’ by these new allegations. “The reality is that there have been allegations, and some of them have been proved, of match fixing in some sixty countries in the world.” He tells more about it in the video below.

Check out a video of the fixer filmed with candid camera on the website of The Telegraph.

Earlier this year Ali Sabbagh, a referee from Lebanon, was sentenced with a six months’ improsonment for match fixing. He accepted free sex from a gambling-linked global syndicate in exchange for manipulating an match in the Asian Football Confederation Cup. He got arrested before the match started. Shortly before his mistake I spoke with the Lebanese referee. Read the interview with Ali Sabbagh.


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