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Match abandoned because of uncertified referee

In Holland we’ve a lot of club referees. They only officiate at the same club. It’s easy to combine with playing soccer yourself, but their impartiality is questioned by the opposing teams many times. Nothing new, until last week.

Referee Marty Suijkerbuijk gave a red card in a youth match, but got punched by the opponent. The match was abandoned, but the match needs a full replay, because the referee was not a member of any FA.

The ref said to De Gelderlander, a local newspaper, that referees are outlawed. It’s a shame, according to him, because so many clubs use volunteers who are not certified.

What would you do if you were the Dutch FA.


  • Jaime Hindle

    Sounds a bit drastic! The punch that is…not the replay. Surely if the referee is not a member of the FA there are insurance implications for players who may get injured in a game he is officiating!

    • Jan /dutch referee

      The insurance is very important, but in Holland there’s as far I know no rule Aboutaleb following a referee course. In my opinion THE best way is to have only FA refs but they can’t get enough refs now. I’ll make à post zoon witheet all ref stats of The Netherlands. Hope to combine Thatcher witheet an interview with a pro referee.

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