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Manuel Gräfe let two penalty kicks being re-taken

German referee Manuel Gräfe let a penalty kick being retaken in a penalty serie. Twice!

The cup match between Fortuna Düsseldorf and Borussia Dortmund ended goalless after 120 minutes. In the penalty serie Blaszykowski from Dortmund thought he made the 2:2 (after 4), but Gräfe was resolutely pointing to his whistle, demanding the Polish player from Dortmund to re-take the penalty kick.

Immediately after that Andreas Lambertz from Düsseldorf misses. He walks away, head in his hands. But what he did not realize is again the call for a re-kick by the referee. Goalie Weidenfeller and a field player who came running from the middle line heavily protested and got both a yellow card. But I think the referee’s decision was correct (no replay shown), because the goalie was way before the goalline at the moment the ball was kicked.

At his second time from eleven metres Lambertz scored, but it was not enough for the win. I’m awaiting the video highlights, because Weidenfeller was also pretty far forward when he stopped another Düsseldorf penalty kick.


  • alberto

    Manuel Gräfe is one excellent referee and I´dont understand why
    he is not Elite. Better referee that Tagliavento,Clattenburg and
    specially that Florian Meyer.

  • admin

    Like him too. Watching lots of German football in Saturday’s Sportschau on German national tv. Don’t know if Uefa has a limit (of 3) in Elite per country.

  • Niclas E

    Gräfe is our silent no.1, no discussion about that.
    In Bundesliga, he gets the most important matches, shows better performances than Brych and Stark.
    Furthermore, he is very popular because he is not that strict like Stark.
    The re taken penalties were by the way good decisions.
    Perhaps Meyer will be aware of the fact that he has actually no chance to get an international final anymore, it would be fair if he retired internationally soon so that young talents can move up quicker.
    The new FIFA refs Fritz and and Zwayer are good. Zwayer, I have predicted that with Brych in 2006 as well, will join the peak of European refereeing in some time (perhaps 3 or 4 years)

  • admin

    Dutch media were discussing last week the importance of Kuipers. From the top 5 refs he got the least top matches from top 5 teams (Ajax, AZ, Feyenoord, Twente and PSV). Vink and Blom topped the list, but the journalist forgot Kuipers will not whistle Twente, so he has no chance to get that eight matches in a season.
    Gözübüyük is new in Europe and he’ll be a good one for the future. Already one of the best at national level.

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