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Luckily I’m not a referee in Tajikistan

Luckily I’m not a referee in Tajikistan.

Found the video below via Footballnus and he says he has seen more matches like this one. A brawl with players versus eachother and the referee ends in a pitch invasion.

Some info about the match according to the person who uploaded the video:

Match: Istaravshan FK vs. Energetik Dushanbe
League: Tajikistan Premier League
Venue: Istaravshan Stadion (Capacity: 20,000)
Date: 08/11/2012

And how did it end?

“The fight between football players and subsequent pitch invasion after the Energetik goalkeeper attempted to kick the referee after conceding a goal for which he thought shouldn’t have stood (sic). After the players fled the pitch, the pitch was cleared by police and the Istaravshan players came out ready to resume the game. Energetik refused to return and the match was abandoned”, according to the YouTube description.


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