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Looks like Viktor Kassai’s AR failed too

Seen lot’s of discussions about the Ukrainian goal that didn’t count. But the decision from the extra assisant is not the first mistake.

Got this picture via BBC journalist Jacqui Oatley, which showed that Viktor Kassai’s AR missed an offside first. Artem Milevskiy (center) got the ball from the Ukrainian left back, and the image below shows that he is probably (can’t see full pitch) offside.

Most newspapers in Holland missed that. What about that in your country?

Photo via Twitter of BBC Journalist @JacquiOatley

I’m wondering if this will influence which referee teams are going home today. I bet so. Who do you think will stay in Poland and Ukraine for the final rounds? And why?

UPDATE: Referees Bjorn Kuipers (NL), Viktor Kassai (Hungary), Wolfgang Stark (Germany) en Carlos Velasco Caballo (Spain) send home Source: #NOS (Dutch national tv).


  • Martin Rødvand

    I’m quite sure these referees are safe at the moment: Stephane Lannoy, Howard Webb, Pedro Proença, Craig Thomson, Damir Skomina, Nicola Rizzoli.

    I think Kassai and Carballo have to go home after their (and their teams’) performances.

    Now, from the referees I’ve posted as being retained, only Craig Thomson and Damir Skomina doesn’t have their national team present in the remaining matches. So I guess Uefa will have to include some other officials as well. Kuipers? Eriksson?

    Will be interesting to see.

  • dutchreferee

    Posted the update above with referees going through.
    In my opinion Eriksson was pretty good at Netherlands game. Like his style. Not seen his other game, but I’d like him for the final.

  • alberto

    I think that Stark and Velasco had well to go home, but
    Kassai and Kuipers unjustly.
    Now only rest two good referees: Webb and Proença.

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