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Life after refereeing: Carlos Simon from Brazil

The second referee in ‘Life after refereeing’ is Carlos Eugenio Simon from Brazil.

Use of Simon’s Twitter with his permission.
Name: Carlos Eugenio Simon
Born: 1965
Country: Brazil
Career: Fifa badge in 1997; World Cups in 2002, 2006 and 2010; Copa America in 2001 and 2007; Copa Sudamericana finals in 2003, 2004.

What do you do now for a living?

“I am commentateur of soccer matches at Fox Sports Brazil. I analyze the match and the referee.”

How do you look back on your career and what is your best experience?

“I worked in 1.198 soccer matches, lots of decisions, one olympiad and 3 world cup’s which are my best experience. It’s hard keep a career in high level in Brazil because we don’t have much incentive. The fact that I worked in 3 world cup’s it’s a great victory for me because I worked really hard. Have worked in one world cup it’s amazing and in 3 is even bigger.”

Do you miss (professional) refereeing?

“Yes. I worked as referee for 27 years. I stopped because I completed 45 years in 2010.” He did not think of continuing his career at national level. “I wanted to finish after I have worked in 3 major finals in 2010: Bazilian Championship, Copa do Brazil and Supercopa.”

What needs to be changed in football/refereeing?

“The referee must be professionalized and should have better conditions to exercise his work.”

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