Which Laws of the Game changes do you suggest?

Which Laws of the Game changes do you suggest? The IFAB will have a meeting on March 3rd where last year’s major revision of the LOTG will be discussed.

I am really looking forward to your ideas in how to make football rules better, more interesting or easier to implement as a referee. Please share your ideas in in the comments below.

IFAB meeting about Laws of the Game changes

The IFAB has announced: “Following last year’s major revision of the Laws of the Game which made them easier to understand and more consistent in their interpretation and application, this year’s AGM will be asked to approve final ‘tiding up’ to assist translation and interpretation of some of the changes of the Laws of the Game introduced in 2016. This will represent the final stage of the overall major textual revision of the Laws.”

Share your ideas about Laws of the Game changes

Share your ideas about LOTG changes and the reason you think it needs a change. I’ll love to publish the ideas from the comments below or shared on social media in this blog as well. Please be creative and I’ll embed your ideas here.

And last year there was a big revision, but has it worked out well for you?


  • Arthur Smits

    Change throw-in to.shoot-in. After all it is football.
    Second yellow becomes a 10 minute sin bin, not an exclusion.

  • kopano rantao

    I think law 4 (the players equipment )
    *page 42 COLOURS 
    undershirts must be the same colour as the main colour of the shirt sleeve; 

    I think it should be more specific that what colour must be worn or decision must be taken if both shirt sleeves are the same between the two teams because I had this situation at my game and I was clueless on what to do because the law doesn’t cover the situation i had. 
    I acted out of common sense and said the away team to remove the undershirts, andI don’t know if i was right to do that

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Thanks for the comment. The LOTG also say: “The two teams must wear colours that distinguish them from each other and the match officials”. If that gives a problem with the undershirts, you can ask them to wear something else. The guidelines of the competition then usually will tell which team has to change it’s outfit. At higher levels usually the away team, here in The Netherlands at lower levels it’s the home team. I hope that helps you a bit further as well.

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