Laws of the game 2016-2017

IFAB has released the Laws of the game 2016-2017. They call this revision “probably the most comprehensive in The IFAB’s 130 year history”. The idea behind it: so the laws will be “appropriate for football in the 21st century”.

The ultimate aim of the revision of the Laws is according to IFAB: “to increase the universality of the Laws by making them easily understood so football throughout the world benefits from consistent interpretation and application”. That means over 10.000 words are deleted from the laws.

The document was approved during the general meeting on 5 March 2016. You can download the documents below. I’ll update the blog story with changes. If you see some interesting stuff, let me know and I’ll add them to the blog story.


Download laws of the game 2016-2017

Get your copy of the Laws of the Game 2016-2017.

Fifa Laws of the Game 2016-2017


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