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‘It feels good to do something back for Japan’

Dick Jol, former international referee, officiated in a charity game between Japanese players and Ajax yesterday for the victims in Japan. “The atmosphere was fantastic.”

“Ten years ago I lived for four months in Tokio, Japan. The people there are great. They’ve done so much for me, were so hospitable. It feels good to give the people from Japan something back.”

Besides refereeing in the Asian country Jol also changed and renewed the referee committee. “The system was not good at that time. People who give their friends a good assessment. I was new there, so could appoint new assessors and that resulted in complete different marks.”

Jol expects sore legs on Thursday, the day after the match. “You won’t forget how to whistle, but running will become a bit difficult when you don’t train that much anymore. I do just one training each week.”

Video of the tv show Pauw and Witteman (names of the two hosts). It’s in Dutch and maybe there’s a country restriction.

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