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Interesting film about female referees in Congo

Colleagues, watch this documentary about female referees in Democratic Republic of Congo. Very interesting.

Director Ruhi Hamid told ESPN why it was so important for her to tell the stories of the three female referees in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“African women’s voices and lives are so rarely seen or heard except as victims. To tell the story of Mme Kapinga, Solange and Ibanda seemed the perfect way to show the strength, resilience and determination that African women possess. I wanted to show how the beautiful game of football has helped them get past the decades of brutality and violence in their country. By refereeing in the men’s league they not only challenge chauvinistic attitudes but also become strong role models for other women. It is really important to show how women can overcome difficulties and are empowered by sport.”

Watch the full interview with Ruhi Hamid and the documentary in video’s below.

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