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How LFA Referees keeps and trains young referees

Nice short video on Youtube from the LFA Referees where they tell something about their courses and how they try to get young referees ready for the game.

What can you do to keep your officials and prevent them to walking away? That’s a good question for LFA Referees while the number of referees is decreasing across the country.

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“You need to have the resources. Don’t just think about practical refereeing support, but also about pastoral support – a shoulder to cry on”. Plus you need a good course where young referees learn how to deal with difficult situations. Think about misbehaving players, coaches, and so on.

The result for the LFA Referees Department: “good quality, committed, well-supported and well-mentored referees on the pitch in the weekend”.

What’s the role of the referee? During the course the attendees will get some theory on that. “Translating the answer to the practice on the football pitch is critical for the success of the course.”

Want t know more about LFA Referees? Check their twitter handle @LFArefs

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