High intensity training exercise by Uefa

A new high intensity training exercise by Uefa. Below you’ll find the explanation of this exercise. I’ve also published an Uefa exercise before and there’s a blog post with 5 benefits of HI training, including more examples.

Explanation of the exercise

In the below image I use the term high intensity. In the UEFA explanation the HI speed is up to 95% of your speed, because you’ll work at almost your maximum speed.

  • You start near the corner flag with a run at high speed until the halfway line
  • At the halfway line you change your pace to jogging
  • You do in total 7 of these runs, as shown in the diagram.
  • On a pitch your first run ends on the sideline of the penalty area, the 2nd run on the edge of the goal area, the 3rd in the middle of the goal, and so on.
  • After the 7th run you’re at the opposite corner of the field of play.
  • Then you jog on the goal-line
  • Followed by a walk along the sideline
  • To complete 1 series, do another round as above

Duration of 1 series: approximately 13 minutes.

Rest: 4 minutes

Repetition: 2 series in total

High intensity training exercise

I am always curious what kind of high intensity exercise you do. Please comment below or share with me on Instagram or email to

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