High intensity exercise for referees in the Premier League

High intensity exercise for referees Premier League. I got inspired by Vicky Smith, physical trainer for PGMOL, the professional referees’ organisation in the Premier League.

Explanation of the test

The exercises is easy. You change high intensity with jogging. Let’s begin:

  • You’ll start at the arc of the penalty area.
  • You run diagonally to the point where the halfway line and the sideline cross each other.
  • From there you jog over the halfway line until you reach the arc
  • The arc is where you do a HI run to the edge of the penalty area
  • From there you continue jogging towards the arc of the penalty area
  • Then it get’s intense, because you run at HI to the centre of the field of play and immediately back to the other end of the arc at the same penalty area.
  • Mirorring begins the: you jog to the edge at the other end of the penalty area
  • HI run towards the arc on the halfway line
  • Then a jog to the other sideline
  • You end with a high intensity run towards the other arc of the penalty area where you started.
  • Jog or walk back to starting position

Repetition of the exercise

Premier League referees run this 8 times for 1 series. After 2 minutes rest, they do another series.

Personally I did it 6 times and that was already quite intense. You can also start a little easier with some extra rest between the two rounds. Adapt this to your own ability.

Video with high intensity exercise for referees


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