High-intensity exercise #5

In this blog post you’ll find high-intensity exercise #5. During this month I’ll highlight a new exercises on every #FitnessFriday. In the end I’ll add the links to all related exercises, which give you an opportunity to vary.

I’ve also published an Uefa exercise before and there’s a blog post with 5 benefits of HI training, including more examples

Explanation of HI exercise #5

This exercise has two images, which you can use as physical trainer when putting down your cones. Both exercises are almost the same, but 5B means that referees have to be more aware of others on the field of play. Because this resembles more what they can expect during a game. If you run this for yourself, just use 5a.

This is how the exercises goes:

  • Start with a 50 metre walk in 35 seconds
  • Then do 2 High-Intensity runs of 75m in totally 30 seconds

One set: 10 laps

Rest time: 2 minutes between sets. After 2 sets take a longer rest time.

Repetition: 2 sets

Variations: You can put 3 cones on the field of play. That way referees can vary their distance based on ability.


  • Bertelemos

    The high intensity exercise was very interesting i will try to train thereferees of eritrea and i need more exercises of speed,RSA and other exercises that develop eritrean referees.


    • Jan ter Harmsel

      thanks for your comment. How many referees do you train in Eritrea? On my blog I’ll try to publish a weekly exercise. And I did a few during the previous season as well. Make sure to look them up.

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