High-intensity exercise #4

In this blog post you’ll find high-intensity exercise #4. During this month I’ll highlight a new exercises on every #FitnessFriday. In the end I’ll add the links to all related exercises, which give you an opportunity to vary.

I’ve also published an Uefa exercise before and there’s a blog post with 5 benefits of HI training, including more examples

Explanation of HI exercise #4

Here’s how the exercises goes:

  • Start near the corner arc. Jog to the middle of the field of play
  • Then do a high-intensity run to the opposite corner arc
  • Jog to the goal-area via the goal-line.
  • Walk to the corner arc
  • Then start with a high-intensity run to the middle of the field of play
  • Continue that run while jogging to the corner arc.
  • Walk to the goal-area line
  • Run sideways at the goal-area
  • Short sprint back to your starting position

Lap time: 2 minutes

One set: Uefa referees run this 5 times

Rest: 4 minutes

Repetition: Run 2 sets

Variations: Based on your ability you can repeat this also 4 times. Or run 3 sets of 3 laps, with 3 mins rest in between.

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