HI exercise for referees (example)

HI exercise for referees – example explained by Werner Helsen, UEFA fitness expert. It’s also shown in the story on what a professional referee training programme looks like.


This box-to-box exercise is for referees. The referee starts near the sidelines, in the extension of the penalty area line. On both sides of the field of play starts 1 person. Both run 75m to the other penalty area in 15 seconds and turn back immediately. They end on the penalty mark on the side where they started. 

There are monitors where they can watch a clip and where they have to make a technical and disciplinary decision.

And if you want to read more on this topic? Check out this info on high-intensity training exercises. Plus you might also be interested in match-simulation sessions for referees.

Visual of HI exercise for referees

HI exercise for referees: an example
Source: UEFA / Werner Helsen

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