Help to create a Dutch Referee Blog 10th anniversary video

Dutch Referee Blog 10th anniversary video, that’s what I want to create. All you have to do is share one tip in a video message. I’d be very happy if you want to help me with that. Check below how easy you can participate.

Jan in video on phone

Ln June 1st 2010 I started this wonderful journey with writing blogs and stories about refereeing. What started with mainly positive attention – as there was none in most media then – evolved to a website where referees from all over the world can learn and become a better referee.

The video idea

I try to put lots of time and effort in this website and now you can do me a favour.

The idea is that you make a horizontal video with your phone where you say: “Hello, my name is [name] and I am a [referee/observer/instructor] in [city/country]. My tip for referees is: [the tip].”

Everyone can participate, as we all have some tips to share. So far I got input from young promising referees to 3 times World Cup referees.

In the anniversary month I’ll share these videos, also in a long video along with the tips from others. It doesn’t have to be filmed with a professional camera, a phone is fine. The clip will be published on my blog and its social channels.

Love to hear from you!


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