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Help the referee museum get a digital collection

Help the Refereeworld to create a referee museum with referee fashion and equipment from their beginnings up to the present day.

Liked the idea, because it would be very interesting to see different styles and so on. I’d suggest the official rule book which was sold for 881,250 pounds last year.

The Rules, Regulations, & Laws of the Sheffield Foot‐Ball Club (1859). Photo by Sotheby's

Their call:

“We hope this will bring together many referees from all over the world –
along with their uniforms, snapshots, and stories. Whether old or unusual whistles,
tie-and-jacket outfits from the 1930s, or current multi-functional jerseys –
we’d be pleased to receive any and all photos you might have,
as well as a short description that would ideally include your personal recollections.”

For more information about the project, visit this website.

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  • nurettin dehmen

    ı am from istanbul-turkey.
    we had last year real referee museum at ıstanbul.
    ı wıll send you some picture and videos about museum.
    best regards.
    nurettin dehmen

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