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‘Hardest match ever’ for Austrian referee Harkam

4 penalties, 2 red cards, five goals and crowds on the field. And that in just one half. The soccer season in Austria has already begun. “It was my hardest match ever and I think nobody will ever have this again”, says the referee Alexander Harkam.

Alexander Harkam
Alexander Harkam in action. Photo provided by referee
In preparation before this season the Dutch Referee blog interviewed the Austrian referee. Read the first part and second part of that interview.

The video of the extraordinary match between Wiener Neustadt en Lask Linz in the Austrian Bundesliga is published by tv channel Laola 1. When you see the highlights you see that the referee made very good calls even though the number of penalty kicks, red cards and goals sounds weird for a national top league match.

Harkam’s observer gave him a B1 as mark for the match. B stands for middle hard match, which gives Austrian refs one point bonus at their mark; c (hard) is two points extra. One is the highest mark on a scale of 1 to 5. Does anyone know how refs in other countries are judges? Please let me know.


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