Going out the door to excercise proves you are motivated

Going out the door to excercise is so important. Just the fact you’re going out proves you have motivation for it, says Abdelkader Benali. He is a Dutch writer and amateur runner. In the new blog section “Tips from the sidelines” I’ll share useful info and thoughts from sports people, players and coaches that will help you as referee.

Quote about going out the door to excercise

The first thought is from Abdelkader Benali. His recent running book is called Asfalt, Zand & Stenen (In English: Asphalt, Sand and Stones).

“Going out the door to excercise”

“The only fact you go out the door is the proof that you are motivated. People say sometimes: I want to run, but find it difficult. That applies to us all. The most difficult kilometer is the first kilometer. Standing up from your bench is difficult, for all of us. After that everything is easy. If you really want to run, you’re already on your way in becoming a runner.”

It’s a quote from an interview in newspaper NRC Handelsblad from the 18th of November.

Benali talks about being a runner, but what if you think about it as being a referee. We usually run most the times to feel fit.

I find it difficult to go out the door sometimes as well, because it’s cold or raining. Don’t you have that too? But what stops us from going out? That’s what we need to find out. At the start of 2017 I set goals for myself. I want to sport twice a week plus referee a game in the weekend. A great goal for myself to keep fit, because that is what I want to be.

We can also say it like this, changing the quote from Benali a bit. “If you really want to be a (fit) referee, you’re already on your way in becoming a (fit) referee.”

Get the right mindset

A big part of getting where you want is the right mindset. My experience is that staying positive helps a lot. But how do you do that? Here are some tips on staying positive as a referee.

I also hope you want to get into the right mood and make 2018 a great year as referee. Make sure you’ll write down your goals for the next year. The next few weeks I’ll try to help you improve as a referee by asking questions or giving tools to improve. In the end it’s all up to you, because you are the one who needs to get out that door to excercise.

Effective goal-setting

2018 in calendar

Effective goal-setting for referees is very important. Every year. Now it’s time to look forward again and see which step you want to make and what action you need to take to reach your goals.

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Get inspired by top refs

Bibiana Steinhaus

“Commitment and dedication will abosolutely pay off”, says Bibiana Steinhaus. She is the first female Bundesliga referee ever. She puts lots of effort in her career to reach what she wants. 

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