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Go to RA meetings and learn from the speakers

The referee conference in Dublin I went to is something big. But you can also learn at a smaller level from other referees. So go to RA meetings and learn from the speakers.

Referees World podcast

This week I downloaded an app on my smartphone to open podcasts properly. I was way behind with Referees World podcast and heared now some interesting stories from local RA’s who offer a lot for referees.

Check the podcasts they did with the Halifax RA or the one with Stockport RA. You can also subscribe on iPhone or Android (I use the app Podcast Addict).

RA meeting

Last week I also got in touch with a young referee who was at a Burnley RA meeting. He told me that there was a wonderful meeting and Mike Riley, head of the professional refs organisation PGMOL, was speaking.

Those meetings are a great way to learn from experienced colleagues. Go there!

Later this week after the meeting I got another message about the Lancashire meeting with Mike Riley’s advice on refereeing:

“Keep going, although there will be set backs and you will sometimes want to give up. And if you enjoy it, do it. The year you have a bad time will be the year before you succeed.”

A great lesson to never give up!

What does your RA offer you? And which speakers have you learned from?


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