Football’s gestures to the referee

Players do crazy things to influence match officials. Some gestures to the referee are well-known all over the world. From the players who show the referee they other person dived or the player gives a sarcastic clap after a referee’s decision

Gestures to the referee: sarcastic clap.

The video I found online points out some general gestures to the referee that can be found on the football pitch. I’ve put them below in a list. Please tell me what gesture you hate or love the most.

List with gestures to the referee

  • the diver – pretending the other person was simulating
  • the sarcastic clap – applauding after a referee called for a foul against them
  • the innocent shrug – pretending it wasn’t him
  • the wound whinger – yes, look at him, he’s hurt really bad
  • the clock watcher – as if the opponents are wasting time constantly
  • the European – for me it’s Mediterranean, gestures based on emotion
  • the blind rager – despite having glasses, not many people comment on it
  • the book him begger – asking for a card for the opponent (please book himself)
  • the wasn’t me – after a brawl nobody was guilty; yeah right
  • the got the ball – all are stars that won’t miss the ball …
  • the top tugger – didn’t you see he pulled my shirt?
  • the finger wagger – no, no, no, ref!

What gestures would you like to add? What other gestures do players in your game use?

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