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German refs want chip in ball, no extra assistants

The German refereeing remains very critically about the experiment with extra assistants who watch the goal line. They made a statement after a national referee meeting that they prefer a chip in the ball.

Herbert Fandel in an advert asking for more referees. Advert by German FA (DFB).
“A condition is, however, that such a system works one hundred percent correct”, said Herbert Fandel, the new chairman of the German Referee Committee, after the meeting. UEFA recently announced that they will use extra assistants in next season’s Champions League.

The referee boss criticized the hard tackles during the World Cup in South Africa. “Especially the slide tackle with the soles towards the enemy, which we have seen more frequent in the World Cup, will be penalized in a consistant way.”

Are the German refs ready for next season? Fandel: “The mood among our referees is first class, everyone is looking forward to the new season. And all are very well prepared ”

Fandel stressed that the German refs need to remain themselves, as we all are unique in our refereeing style. “There is no template for our referees, each one has its own way of officiating, everyone must remain authentic.” But he expects his refereeing team to be self-assured. “Referees are leaders. It can not be that someone wants to demonstrate authority with [giving] cards. Personality is crucial.”


  • Arjan

    there’ll always be startup problems, but if you test chips well enough, it shouldn’t be a problem. Chips could also give tons of other cool info.

    But from which level onwards would they employ either an extra ref or a chip?

  • dutchreferee

    Next season Uefa provided extra officials for Champions League as well as Europa League. Not for international matches between countries. We’ll see. Hope to get a evaluation from one of the refs I’ve contact with.

    If you want 5 officials on each level, that’s just impossible.

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