Futsal referees and match officals

Futsal referees will find useful information and links on this page that will help them become a better referee. The info will give you requirements for fitness testing and tips to become a better referee.

Futsal Laws of the Game

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Fitness tests for futsal referees

The official fitness test for futsal and beach soccer referees consists of three tests:

  • Speed is test 1. It measures the referee’s maximum speed over 20 metres.
  • The Change Of Direction Ability is the 2nd test,which is also known as CODA test. It assesses the referee’s ability to change direction.
  • Test 3 is the Assistant Referee Intermittent Endurance Test. This ARIET test measures the referee’s capacity to perform repeated forwards and sideways running bouts over a prolonged period.

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The time in between the end of Test 1 and the start of Test 2 should be 2 to 4 minutes. The time between the end of Test 2 and the start of Test 3 should be 6 to 8 minutes.

Testing should be performed on a futsal pitch or a similar surface.

It is recommended that all fitness testing be conducted by qualified physical instructor. It is mandatory that a wellequipped ambulance is in attendance for the entire testing session.

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