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Funny warming up additional assistant referee

How do you prepare physically for a match as referee behind the goal? Check out the video: “Funny warming up additional assistant referee” and read below what Uefa says about their match preparation.

Read more about it in brochure “Practical information for match officials” by Uefa.

AAR’s should do a light warming up, not exactly the same as the referees, but on the pitch or in their match
position and generally give the impression of a team. They should be careful not to get too hot/sweaty, as
they will cool down rapidly once the match starts and may not be able to retain body heat as well as the referee
and assistant referees. All five match officials enter the field with both teams. The fourth official
shall assume his position between both technical areas.”

What are the requirements for extra assistant referees during rough weather?

  • Both AAR’s should dress in consistent manner. Both shouls wear leggings or not. Tracksuit trousers are NOT allowed. Also both should wear long/short sleeves.
  • A tracksuit top is not allowed. It’s important that both use suitable undergarment is worn in
    order that the AAR remains comfortable during the match.
  • “In extremely cold conditions the AARs are allowed to wear gloves, but no hats.”What do you wear as referee when it’s getting cold? Please comment. I do wear an undershirt, but gloves are an exception for me.

PS: tips on how to do a proper warm-up


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