Football Tasmania Referee Quiz

The Football Tasmania Referee Quiz is something you might like. I do quizzes during the season with ABCD questions, but this quiz works with flash cards. Because you might prefer a different way of learning, this might interest you.

Me with Tasmanian badge and CRAM tests

How does the Football Tasmania Referee Quiz work?

At Football Tasmania they made a lot of great questions. Because of their big database (900+ questions) you can learn a lot. Their motto is: “Learn the Laws of the Game the fun way!”

They offer a variety of question styles, 4 levels of difficulty and use the 2019-2020 Laws of the Game (with 2020-2021 in preparation) and the app remembers where you left off.

Where you can do the quizzes

You can do the quizzes with the Android app or on iOS (Apple Store) or at the Cram website.

All you have to do is search for “FTas Referee” and different quizzes pop up.

On the bottom of the flashcards you can get a hint, which is the LOTG section the question comes from.

Talking about Australia: make sure you go to the RefCoach website

Talking about Australia: make sure you go to the RefCoach website or their Facebook Group. I’ve just recorded a podcast with the guys behind this and they do great work for the refereeing community. You’ll find the new podcast and more info on the blog soon.

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