Fitness tips to start after the New Year break

Some fitness tips to start after the New Year break. Most European leagues do stop during Christmas, so you might want to take a rest before the league starts again. KNVB fitness instructor Hilco de Boer shares some tips if you want to take a break in the newsletter for Dutch referees by KNVB.

These tips will also work perfectly after the end of the season or when your season starts in January or February.

“After a long period with five months of training and games, it’s now time to recover”, he writes to all amateur referees. He has some tips for you.

4 fitness tips to start after the New Year break

  1. Take two to three weeks to slow down. That will help you gent fysically and mentally fresh. “You can do some sports, but take it easy and try to do something else than running.”
  2. If you had some physical problems during the last few weeks, take a complete rest
  3. After a relaxing period, make sure you pick up training again a few weeks before the season starts
  4. Build up the intensity slowly, don’t start training like crazy

These 4 tips are probably also useful for you too. Good luck with the rest of your season!

Hilco de Boer



    Thank You Boer. It’s really amazing 4 tips .
    I feel thse are really very important & effective to start up the new year/session.

  • Greg Sirbu

    When not refereeing, I find that light weight lifting in the gym, focusing upon leg/ankle strengthening, and upper body focus, spinning (stationary bicycling) in a gym class training session with an instructor, is a great way to stay in shape year round! And, during those down times between matched.

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Going for spinning is probably better for your knees as well. Leg and ankle strenghts work, but have you thought of your core stability?

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