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Fine of 845 euro’s for kissing referee

Rapid Bukarest coach Marius Sumudica was so happy when his team took a 2-1 lead against Gaz Matan in the Romanian competition, that he made a dive on the pitch in front of the fans. Referee Teodor Craciunescu send him off.

Before the coach left to the stands he kissed Craciunescu on the cheek and the game went on. That was a pretty expensive kiss, because the Romanian FA fined him with 845 euro’s, according to German media.

See the video below. At 59 seconds you’ll see the dive, immediately followed by the kiss.

PS: I know how to link to a specific minute in a Youtube vid, but do you know how that works with an embedded one?
PS2: Later this week I’ll post an interview with a Dutch professional AR.

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  • Arjan

    probably the ref really really tried to avoid any thoughs of him being biased (because of the controversial save).

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