FIFA refereeing international lists 2023

FIFA refereeing international lists 2023 are out.

Download the pdf with international referees for 2023. (find previous years below)

Information you’ll find in the file

  • Referee committee
  • Referees
  • Assistant referees
  • Video match officials
  • Futsal referees
  • Beach soccer referees

Archive of FIFA refereeing international lists

Because FIFA only shows the recent list on their website, I’ve published the older versions as well. Before 2019 list were not published publicly.

When you can be selected as video match official?

Referee (analyst) Christina Unkel explains when referees can be selected as video match officials, which is new on the FIFA refereeing international lists since 2021. Here are some criteria, because not everyone can become a video match official.

  • Referees can be active and retired
  • They must have officiated in the highest national league for 2 years minimum
  • They need to have at least 15 games experiences as video referee
  • Video referees don’t have to pass the FIFA fitness test for referees
  • Video match officials can be on the list in other roles too