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Fifa: ‘Penalty via bar, ground & in goal = goal’

Fifa has announced that a goal should be allowed when a penalty kick – as last action of a half or in a shoutout – is shot on the bar, then touches the ground and crosses the goal line. That’s why the Dutch Football Association KNVB has announced a new interpretation of the Laws of the game for next season.

Last weeks many referees discussed the match Dro and Termeno in Italian football. The referee allowed a goal. It now turns out he was correct, according to Fifa.

In 2009 the Dutch referee commission announced that a goal should not been allowed in the situation above. The PK situation was over when the ball touches the ground after been shot at the bar, was their interpretation. But they had some doubts about it and asked Fifa. That’s why they announced new interpretations for 2011/2012 (pdf). The Dutch FA stresses: “The rules have not changed, it’s just our interpretation.”

The Dutch Referee Blog will soon move over to I’ll keep you posted.

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