FIFA fitness test 15-15 practice

The FIFA fitness test 15-15 is not 1 that is tested officially, but it’s a great way to practise. Because it tests you at the normal pace, but with less rest, you’ll be prepared well for the official FIFA fitness tests.

A reader inspired me to blog about this test, which is used at some countries to make sure referees are fresh and fit.

Normal reference times for the FIFA fitness test

Quick recap about the fitness tests by FIFA. There’s a sprint section, plus an interval test. For the latter, you

  • run 75 metres
  • walk 25 metres
  • repeat that sequence of 100 metres 40 times

Because the level at which you operate is different, there are different reference times. FIFA referees officiating men’s football normally run the 75 metres in 15 seconds and they rest for 18 seconds. For ARs at that level the rest is 2 seconds longer. International referees for women’s football have a 17-20 test limit. Check the full test including sprints for referees and for assistant referees.

FIFA fitness test 15-15

The FIFA fitness test 15-15 is something that is not tested officially. Because it’s more intense than normal, make sure you are well-prepared. If you don’t normally run the 15-18 test, don’t start with this one.

Tip: you can also run the FIFA fitness test 15-15 for 10 or 20 laps first, before you run the full 40 repetitions. Via the button below you can get the audio files for your practise.

If you tried it, let me know how it feels.


  • Alan Lee

    re: FIFA 15-15 test
    In what way is this test “more intense than normal”? To understand this, could you provide more details about this test. Are specific distances required for the run and the walk? How intense is the run supposed to be?

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Hi Alan, the distances for the run (75m) and walk (25m) are mentioned in the article above. The test is not run a specific km/h. You need the reference times of 15 seconds run, 15 seconds rest (that’s where the name comes from).

      The normal FIFA fitness test is 15s run and 18s rest (for refs) and 15s run and 20s rest (ARs). The women’s test has a 17s run time.

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