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Fastest red ever in international qualifier

The walk from the dressing room probably took longer than the time defender Rashed Al Hooti from Bahrein was on the pitch.

Australian referee Peter Green send him off after about 40 seconds (but some media do have different watches: 34, 39, 40, 43, 49 were mentioned) in the World Cup 2014 qualification match against Iran. This is probably the fastest red card in an international country match.

But it definately is the fastest red card ever. Have you ever seen Preston Edwards (Ebbsfleet United) in the match versus Farnborough? Take a look at the video below where referee Neil Hair sends of the goalie after ten seconds.

Ebbsfleet United v. Farnborough (5.2.11) from MyFootballClub on Vimeo.


  • Niclas

    Had this video as well in my blog.
    All the comments were very positive and showed that everyone praised Green for his courage to send a player off just after 38 seconds..

  • admin

    Hadn’t seen it yet. My brother suggested it, so i immediately posted it on my blog when I got home. Good he had the courage to give the card.

  • Øyvind Gilje

    Good call. But the replay shows (0:38) that the Iranian player also goes in studs first, don’t you agree? Surely a yellow for him.

  • Dutch Referee

    The other player also moves his foot forward in strange way, not like he wants to kick the ball. But I think he’s also holding back because an opponent comes in very dangerously. I wouldn’t book him.

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