Fair Play hero Hunt rejects penalty

Fair Play hero Aaron Hunt was the talk of the Bundesliga last weekend. He tripped in the opponent’s penalty area, the referee whistles for a foul, but he rejects the penalty.

“I told him that I’d actually contrived it slightly. I did look for the contact, but then I noticed that their defender pulled out of the challenge”, Aaron Hunt told on the Bundesliga website. “I fought with my conscience for a moment, but I don’t want to win that way. I must admit I looked up at the clock a lot more often than usual in those final ten minutes.”

The Bundesliga YouTube channel also wrote statement about it: “This is real sportsmanship! Aaron Hunt admits that he in fact shouldn’t be awarded a penalty in Bremen’s six-pointer with Nuremberg. Hiroshi Kiyotake also proves to be a firm believer in fair play. Two great role models show that fair play is important, even in the relegation battle. A big ‘thumbs up’ from us, Aaron and Hiroshi!”


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