FA PGMOL Instagram referee tips

A selection of FA PGMOL Instagram referee tips shared by their referees. It’s worth following @fa_pgmol on Instagram.

Dedicate yourself to the best you can be

EFL Referee James Bell: “To be strong. Dedicate yourself to the best you can be on and off the field. And, as much as everything else, enjoy every minute of it.”

How to improve headset communication

Mike Mullarkey, Head of Assistant Referees at PGMOL, says. “Think about common phrases and clear and precise communication to help improve on-field decision making.”

Firstly, think about these phrases and write them down for yourself. Then read the tips on effective headset communication.

Getting back from an injury

Because Sian Massey Ellis has a calf injury (October 2021) she’s working hard to get back on the pitch again. “It’s a hard and difficult place sometimes when you’re injured and mentally tough”. She hopes to be back as soon as she can be.

During the covid period I published a story with some great tips to deal with a period without games. This article is useful both in a pandemic and when you’re out due to an injury. Take care!

Most of all: “Have fun”

A nice message from Bibiana Steinhaus, now responsible for Women’s Refereing in England. The most important thing: “Have fun!”

Read also the story of the Bibiana Steinhaus career.

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