Explosive movement as assistant referee

Explosive movement as assistant referee is very important. Just after the deep pass, you have to sprint and keep up with the secondlast defender. But how do you train for this? Angelo Doyle, CONCACAF and FIFA Assistant Referee shares how he works on this explosiveness.

Physical exercises without running

“As an assistant referee explosive movement is an action we do all the time during a game”, says Angelo Doyle. “Therefore alot of core activity is needed”. Angelo Doyle highlights some core stability exercises he does:

  • Planks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Burpees
  • Weight squats (using dumb bells)

Not familiair with them? Google the names and you see what they are and how to perform them.

On my blog you also find more about core stability for referees.

Short sprints to work on explosive movement

But it’s not just core stability for the FIFA assistant referee from Barbados. He also perfors short sprints with change of direction. On the photo you see him during his warm-up agility exercises, as it is important for sprinting. A few things he focusses on with the sprints:

  • acceleration
  • deceleration
  • change direction
  • repetition of the exercises

Because Angelo Doyle wants to stay active, he wants to avoid getting injured. “In addition alot of stretching is needed for the gorin area to ensure injury prevention.”

Example of a sprint exercise

You need to change direction during sprint exercises, because during the game you won’t be running straight either. On my blog you can read a full exercise explanation for sprint exercises with change of direction.

Example of plyometric training

In a guide Football Tasmania also explains that plyometric excercises will help you on your explosive movement as a referee. These so-called “jump training” sesions will assist in this, because you work on the muscles you need to give power. “In terms of officials, we need to have the ability to produce maximal force when changing direction and running.”

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