Euro 2016 referee kits

Found some pictures online with a preview of the Euro 2016 referee kits. What are your thoughts on it?

Which colour do you prefer?

  • Yellow,
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black

Do you like them better than the 2015/2016 Champions League referee kits?


Yellow shirt Euro 2016 referee kitsadidas-referee-kit-euro-2016-red

Blue shirt Euro 2016 referee kitsBlack Euro 2016 referee kits

The initial pics that were released look a little different in their colours. I do prefer the brighter ones above as Euro 2016 referee kits.

Euro 2016 referee kits

Euro 2016 referee kits


5 thoughts on “Euro 2016 referee kits

  1. Definitivelt don’t like them. If you wear the black kit, people around the field of play won’t know if they’ve been sent a ref or a priest.

    • I hear that a lot about the black kit. In general I like blue outfits, as I dow with the green in the Nike collection.

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