Essex FA Referees Development Clips

The Essex FA Referees Department has shared some wonderful development clips on their Twitter channel. “For us, it’s about providing as many development opportunities as possible to referees in Essex”, they let me know. However, it is great to see referees from around the world benefiting from the resources we are putting out.”

Development during lockdown

“Any sort of referee development, no matter where the referee is from, can only be good for the game once it resumes”, they shared with me. “We want to make sure that referees are getting some form of development whilst they cannot be on the pitch and these online resources are a great way to do this. We have even seen people attend sessions who do not normally attend our face to face sessions which is really good to see.” Read more about refereeing in Essex.

Find time to develop and watch clips

Try to find time for your development, besides physical activities you do during lockdown. “The priority is at home with the family”, says Lee Betts. “But at the same time after physical training, I like to spend 1 hour on referee-related activities, like watching match clips.” That’s what Essex FA is providing. Check out the clips below.

I’ll add the latest clips on top of the list.

Clip 10

Clip 9: Kicking an extra ball

Clip 8: foul?

Clip 7

Clip 6

Clip 5

Clip 4

Clip 3

Clip 2

Clip 1

Answers or considerations

  • Clip 9: Kicking an extra ball. Correct restart is a direct free kick. See answer and explanation.
  • Clip 8: Foul? Think for yourself where and when do you apply advantage. Keep in mind the atmospher during the games. In heated games, keep things shorter. What can you do prevent that you have to show yellow cards after letting things go too often.
  • Clip 7: Positioning. Control what you can, for example when it’s a free kick where you have all the time to take your space. Anticipate to where the next challenges (plural) will be and where you’ll be in the way or where you’ll be able to react to a pass into the box quickly.
  • Clip 6: Injury or advantage. Always be alert when a player passes the ball to far in front of him/her. That’s when they try to win a ball back. And when would you consider stopping the game for a head injury? See what happens and try to be awere of the whole situation. In this case a player is one shot away from scoring a goal (just seconds).
  • Clip 5: Penalty kick and yellow card. Attemt to play the ball by the goalkeeper, as Essex FA explains.
  • Clip 4: DOGSO or not? Good learning point here: what are the 4 considerations to call something a DOGSO? Could you tick all these boxes? (I could)
  • Clip 3: Foul and brawl. The first foul is in the attacking half, but what is the direction of play? Not moving forward, no team-mates there. No real advantage, so maybe stepping in could have helped (first for the 2nd foul, which cause the brawl).
  • Clip 2: Would you have giving a throw-in? Essex FA writes: “A red card could be justified for both players (yellow player is coming in at speed, makes contact with some force and is late in the challenge) and the goal keeper grapples the player around the neck before throwing him to the ground.” Something to think of for you: how do you want your AR to react? What do you discuss pre-match about teamwork?
  • Clip 1: Red card here. Explanation on Twitter.

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