Dutch VAR behind the scenes

Dutch VAR behind the scenes. KNVB releases footage from VAR decisions now. The first video is a game from Bjorn Kuipers with video referee Danny Makkelie.

I’ll translate the conversation between Björn Kuipers, his assistant referees and the video referee below the video.

Dutch VAR: translation

Assistant referee (0:22): Yellow card.

VAR Danny Makkelie: Slowly, slowly.

Assistant referee: I’ve doubts, but yellow for sure. I’ve doubts, maybe a red card.

Björn Kuipers: OK.

AVAR: He has shown the yellow card, Danny.

Björn Kuipers: Yes, but we’ll do a check. I doubt between yellow and red. I know.

VAR Danny Makkelie: IMO it’s red. (then much louder) Björn, Danny hier.

Björn Kuipers: Yes, yes.

VAR Danny Makkelie (0:35): I’m on a red card now.

Björn Kuipers: Do I have to look?

VAR Danny Makkelie (0:45): Yes, I want you to have a look. We’ll point of contact first. And then we’ll do speed.

Björn Kuipers is looking for the screen. Where’s that thing?

Dutch VAR behind the scenes

VAR Danny Makkelie (0:55): this is the moment of contact, Björn. First on the upper leg, then also on the calf.

Assistant referee shouting at Daley Blind who comes closer (1:00): Daley, Daley, Daley. Away, away, away.

VAR Danny Makkelie (1:05): I’ll show him in real speed.

But Björn says right away: “Thanks, I’ve seen it already”.

VAR Danny Makkelie: Okay.

How Björn Kuipers communicates the red card

I want you to have a look again at how Björn Kuipers communicates the red card. First he makes sure the crowd knows it’s not a yellow card, because that is important too. Then he shows the red card. You can’t see St. Juste in the image, but it’s clear so far who just got the cards a minute before.

How do you make sure your signals are good?

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  • Michael

    Dank u wel – much better than the youtube captions translation!

    If only we had this communication live, or even available for the broadcasters at half time – it would help viewers know what’s going on and explain VAR decisions.

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