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Dutch fan four months in prison for attacking goalie

The Ajax fan who entered the pitch and attacked AZ goalie Esteban will spend four months in prison. Dutch court punished him with six months jailtime, with two months of conditional release.

The 19-year-old ignored his stadium ban of three years and went to the cup match, where he invaded the pitch in 36th minute. The goalie defended himself and then kicked the attacker twice, while lying on the ground. Dutch FA’s prosecutor has rescinded the red card and will not punish the AZ goalie.

The judge punished Wesley van W. for grievous bodily harm with premeditation, because he made bets about attacking the goalie. He also took into account that the boy has been sentenced before. The court holds Wesley responsible for the fact that people in stadiums will feel unsafe.

The fan also got a two-year stadium ban for AZ, Ajax and the national team matches plus he will get treatment for his alcohol problem. Ajax already had given the attacker a stadium ban for 30 years.

Dutch FA decided yesterday that the cup match will be replayed from the start on the 19th of January without fans. Last week’s match was abandoned by referee Bas Nijhuis in the 36th minute after AZ players didn’t want to play anymore. Ajax also has to pay a fine of 10.000 euro’s.

For a video’of the supporters actions, see previous post on this blog.

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