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Dutch commercial with referee trio

Dutch education institute LOI has made several tv commercials about people getting smarter. Their newest main character: the referee team.

A short explanation for the non-Dutch readers of the blog (they could just click the video below). An example of a previous commercial: LOI has published tv ads with Dutch people on vacation in Italy, where employees of a restaurant are making fun of them. The father strikes back in fluent Italian that the ‘pasta clowns’ should stop and bring them some food. The idea is that LOI makes the Dutch smarter due to their courses.

The referee commercial is also in Dutch, but hope this short explanation helps. The refereeing trio is walking off the pitch for half-time, discussing what players and coaches said to them during the match. “Get the cholera, players told to me”, says the ref. “But the chance to get cholera in Europe is very little”, followed by an analyses of all the things people shout at referees. A good way to make fun of what players, fans and coaches yell at referees.

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