Referee news (3): Deliberate back-pass or not?

Referee news of week 3 has some interesting situations for you. Is Costa rightfully complaining about a deliberate back-pass? You’ll also get this week’s international appointments. An interview with Australia’s top futsal referee and an interesting handball situation in the box.

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Deliberate back-pass?

Chelsea player Diego Costa always fights for everything. Last weekend he claimed a back-pass by a defender from Watford. I’ve attached the video below. Let me know: is this a deliberate back-pass for you or not?

International referee appointments

Assistant referee caught on tunnel cam

As assistant referee you want to give proper and clear signals, because that’s useful for the referee and for the fans. Graham Kane, the assistant referee at Charlton Athletic vs Shrewsbury, did some practice before the came. The tunnel camera at The Valley caught him. Check out his practice in the video below (from 1:27m).

PS: How do you make sure your signals are okay?

Review Porto vs AS Roma

Bjorn Kuipers had a difficult game between Porto and AS Roma. Lots of things happening. A second yellow for Roma de defender Vermaelen, a (correctly) disallowed goal. The situation below is a tricky one. It was not called during the game, but you can view it again. Do you think that’s a handball or not? And consider for yourself why. As referee you always need to review situations and mention for yourself why you make that decision.

The video below is restricted to view as embedded video in some contries. If you click the link or UCL_FC Porto-AS Roma, it works perfectly.

Retirement Australian Futsal Referee

Scott Kidson, Australia’s most successful Futsal Referee, has announced he will retire. He will stop with  domestic and international refereeing at the conclusion of the 2016 season. “I’ve had 10 years at the top level and have achieved pretty much everything available to me”, he said. Read full interview with referee.

Agressive handshake

Some players just can’t act normal, like the one in the video below. He gives the referee a very agressive handshake. It’s a short clip, but try to look at the referee’s face. He is not amused 🙂


  • Al

    Jan. the pass back is a doubtful offence. Was the purpose of this pass to use up time? No. I see nothing wrong with shepherding ball to fallen keeper. The handling was clearly not deliberate. In fact the ball was going out of play. The handling put the ball back in the danger zone. Why would a defender do that on purpose?

  • Jan ter Harmsel

    For me the back-pass is not an offence as well. It’s maybe even easier to solve the situation by whistling for a foul from Diego Costa.

    These handballs cause more fuss amongst referees though. Yes, there might be nobody who could have scored. But making sliding tackles equals taking a risk with handballs. That’s what they tell on every referee course with handball situations.

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