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Schumacher Battiston collision: referee Corver explains

The Schumacher Battiston collision. A famous moment in sports history. Dutch tv program Andere Tijden Sport (Different Times Sport) broadcasted a good documentary tonight on national television about the collision between Patrick Battiston and Harald ‘Toni’ Schumacher in the semi-final of the World Cup 1982. Referee Charles Korver tells about how he experienced the match. “I got appointed because the Germans and French requested me.”

The documentary shows Korver reading the Dutch newspapers: ‘good performance’, ‘sublime referee’. “A few days later the video from behind the goal was shown in Holland. If I had the opportunity to watch it back? I think I’d have given Schumacher a red card. But in the match I was convinced I made the right call.” See the video of the collision below.

Video of Schumacher Battiston collision

Korver: “It was difficult to judge what happened, because I followed the ball. I thought: it was going to be a goal. A bit later I recognised the collision between Schumacher and Battiston. I went to my assistant Mr. Valentine, a very good referee from Scotland, and asked him if he saw something I missed.”

The French were furious, like one of the tv reporters: “Mister Korver, if you’re going to retire after this match, you’ve officiated one match too much.” But this wasn’t the end for the referee from Holland. He got rewarded with a 9.5 and got appointed for his fourth Europa Cup final a year later.

Read the interview with Charles Corver about his career >


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