Pedro Proenca retires from refereeing

Pedro Proenca retires from refereeing. The Portugese referee confirmed his retirement during a press conference in the headquarters of the Portuges Football Federation (FPF). “I announce today the end of my career”, he told several media.

His international career started in 2003 and Pedro Proenca retires at the age of 44.

Based on FPF stats: Proenca officiated 466 games since 2000, including 104 games in international competitions. One of the highlights was the Champions League final (Chelsea versus Bayern Munich) and European Championship final (Spain versus Italy) both in 2012.

Proenca was selected as referee of the century in Portugal in 2014, 100 years after the Portugese FA was founded. Collina then told about the Portugese ref:UEFA is always receptive to use former top referees to help form new generations of referees. We have already created a group of referee coaches, composed of recently retired referees. Our intention is to keep these referees, with great teaching potential, to pass the knowledge to the younger referees“. Proenca has not announced yet if he will join Uefa for mentoring.

Werner Helsen, who trains Uefa referee calls Proenca “A role model with respect to competence, professionalism and credibility!” on his Twitter account.

Pedro Proenca.

Salary Premier League referee can be £100,000

What a difference: my match fee: £16,00 versus match fee of Premier League referee: £1.000. And that’s not it, they also get £65.000 (basic salary Premier League referee per year).

MoneyThe Premier League referees belong to the Select Group of referees. The National Group – Football League referees – earn about 380 pounds and work on a freelance basis, says Daily Mail. The newspaper has calculated that the Football League refs will make £17,480 when they officiate 46 games per season.

In comparison, the average household income in the UK is £27,000, based on stats bythe Office for National Statistics.

I see such a salary gap also in The Netherlands. Referees on the national amateur list earn just 5 euro’s more than I get to buy lunch. Yes, they also get travel money as compensation as I do. But they sometimes move to the other side of the country (takes 3 hours sometimes, one-way). Then you’re away from home for payment of just over 25 euro’s.

The salary in German leagues is much higher on the second level. Referees of the second level will get 15.000 euro’s (now), 25.000 (next season) and 35.000 euro’s (in 2016/2017) as basic fee. For every game they ref another 2000 euro’s will be paid.

Read all about the German match fees.

How much money do you earn for refereeing your game?

Go to RA meetings and learn from the speakers

The referee conference in Dublin I went to is something big. But you can also learn at a smaller level from other referees. So go to RA meetings and learn from the speakers.

Referees World podcast

This week I downloaded an app on my smartphone to open podcasts properly. I was way behind with Referees World podcast and heared now some interesting stories from local RA’s who offer a lot for referees.

Check the podcasts they did with the Halifax RA or the one with Stockport RA. You can also subscribe on iPhone or Android (I use the app Podcast Addict).

RA meeting

Last week I also got in touch with a young referee who was at a Burnley RA meeting. He told me that there was a wonderful meeting and Mike Riley, head of the professional refs organisation PGMOL, was speaking.

Those meetings are a great way to learn from experienced colleagues. Go there!

Later this week after the meeting I got another message about the Lancashire meeting with Mike Riley’s advice on refereeing:

“Keep going, although there will be set backs and you will sometimes want to give up. And if you enjoy it, do it. The year you have a bad time will be the year before you succeed.”

A great lesson to never give up!

What does your RA offer you? And which speakers have you learned from?

Pepe fouls: no card in 2014/2015 season

PepeWhat’s the first thing you think off when you hear the name of Real Madrid player Pepe?

Probably the “Pepe fouls”, tackles with often a lot of excessive force.

And then I saw this tweet:

That was even before the game against Valencia this weekend, where he even did not get a card. Pepe is the player in La Liga with most minutes without receiving a single card. Wonderful!

Great play, Pepe! Keep it that way.

Because the way you used to play, was very dirty. Below I’ve added a few of Pepe’s tackles of the past.

Assaulting Getafe Captain Francisco Casquero:

Pepe kicks player in his nuts:

Pepe kicks Malaga player in his back:

Pepe versus Alves:

And more Pepe fouls:

Referee age limit abolished soon by Fifa

The referee age limit will be abolished soon, announced the Fifa Executive Committee. Now international referees have to stop at the age of 45. Fifa regulations say that a referee “shall not have reached the age of 45 [born in 1967 or later]* on 1 January of the year for which they have been nominated”.

45-referee-age-limitBlatter announced the new measures after he heared he will be banned as IOC member when he turns 80. At a press conference the current Fifa president said that referees “shall be carefully evaluated”.

“The executive committee approved the proposal from the referees committee”, a Fifa statement said, “that every FIFA referee over the age of 45 shall be carefully evaluated by the referees committee every year according to technical assessments, medical examinations and fitness tests.”

According to the old Fifa and Uefa guidelines for example Stephané Lannoy had to stop refereeing by the end of 2014. Uefa has added Antonio Mateu Lahoz and Deniz Aytekin. Also AR Darren Cann had to stop at the end of this year. That’s why Howard Webb went to see his long-term assistant during his last Champions League in November this year.

Referee as Athlete of the Year

When can we expect it: a referee as Athlete of the Year in The Netherlands? Dutch sports organisation NOC*NSF will announces the male and female athletes of 2014 on December 12.

Logo NOCNSFAll World, European and Olympic Champions are automatically nominated in The Netherlands. But when is a referee qualified to earn a nomination? Kuipers told when he heared about his CL final appointment: “Being on the pitch during the Champions League final is the highest achievement in football for players and also for referees.”

Is only a World Cup final enough for such a prize? That’s what happened to Nicola Rizzoli who won was Athlete of the Year in Italy. Kuipers has two more chances to get a nomination for the prize. In 2016 and 2018 he might get the Euro and World Cup final. If so, he definately deserves at least a nomination for the award.

Have you ever seen it in your country, a Referee as Athlete of the Year?

Best referee of 2014

2014 has almost come to an end. Who is the best referee in the world in 2014 in your opinion?

  • Is it Rizzoli who got the World Cup final?
  • Kuipers who got the Champions League final?
  • AFC Champions League final referees Alireza Faghani (1st leg) or Yuichi Nishimura (2nd leg)?
  • Wilmar Roldán and Sandro Ricci who both refereed the final rounds of the Copa Libertadores?
  • CAF Champions League final referees Janny Sikazwe or Bakary Gassama?

You may even add one yourself. Please comment and share your Referee of 2014 with me!

If you want to read more about Björn Kuipers, read the profile I wrote about the Dutch Referee.